10th of November 2018 - NGC 7023 Iris Nebula - author Bogdan Jarzyna

In Poland, in recent days, much is said about harmful dust suspended in the atmosphere as a undesirable smog. In astrophotography, however, dust in space is the most welcome element, and yet if given in such a unique form as the photo of NGC 7023 nebula and its surroundings by Bogdan Jarzyna - it is definitely eye-catching view. NGC 7023 is a part of a giant intergalactic cloud of dust in the constellation Cepheus, illuminated by the blue star SAO 19158. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the northern sky. Bogdan made his photo in a park of dark sky on the Croatian island of Lastovo. Optics: TEC140 f / 5.2; camera: QHY695A; mount: Paramount MyT.

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