19th of January 2019 - Sun in three bands - author Łukasz Sujka

Sun - our star .... We associate with warmth, blue sky, beautiful weather and hope for a beautiful, starry night. But the Sun itself is a fascinating object of observation and photography, including special photography. The unquestioned leader of Polish amateur photography of the Sun is Łukasz Sujka. It is difficult to count how many distinctions in various international forums Łukasz won, and yet he constantly improves his technique and enjoys our eyes with a different image. This time he showed the active area of ​​AR12546 in three bands - CaK, H and WL. For such photos is also a special instrumentarium needed, allowing you to photograph our star in a safe way. Optics: refractor TS 102/1100 + (1) etalon with Lunt 50THaPT + ERF 105mm + (2) module Lunt Cak50 + (3) Baader foil ND3,8 and Baader Solar Continuum filter; detector: Point Gray Chameleon 3; mount: Celestron CG-5. More https://www.facebook.com/lukasz.sujka.astronomy/

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