14th of September 2019 - Moon's Alleys - author Jerzy

The author writes about his work: "The left side of the photo: Mare Serenitatis, Montes Haemus, Rimae Sulpicius Gallus and Rimae Menelaus, and many structures partially filled with lava. The area showing the dramatic scenery after the asteroid impact that formed Mare Imbrium. Right side of the photo: this is a "quiet" upland area with two characteristic linear formations: Rima Hyginus and Rima Ariadaeus, crossing the area containing old craters. The subtle network of Rimae Triesnecker ditches located right next to the terminator " The author of this beautiful work is Jerzy Łągiewka "Loxley" from Częstochowa. Optics: TS 152/900 achromatic refractor; camera: ASI 120M with Baader H-alpha 35nm filter; Barlow Celestron Ultima 2x (equivalent to F-2270 mm) was used; mount: EQ-ATM

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