11th of August 2018 - Transit of ISS before the Sun - author Mirosław Zagórski

Astrophotography is an incredibly capacious field of photography, although in the mind of the majority it is only a beautiful picture of nebulae and galaxies, and perhaps also the solar system objects. Today we have chosen a photo of an artificial object created by people - the International Space Station. It's author - Mirek Zagórski - until recently specializing in the images of airplanes at cruising altitudes, as well as his work aroused widespread admiration on our forums. Today we show his registration of ISS transit on the background of the Sun on April 30, 2018. Note the following: transit time 0.75 seconds and distance from the ISS 525 km! Shows what skills and knowledge require to make such a photo. Optics: Newton 254/1200; camera: Pentax K-5; solar filter: Baader ND 3.8.

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