21th of November 2017 - VdB 14 & VdB 15- author Przemysław Zączyk
21th of November 2017 - VdB 14 & VdB 15- author Przemysław Zączyk

Van den Bergh Catalog is a catalog of reflective nebulae created by the Canadian astronomer Sidney van den Bergh. It was first time published in 1966 and contains 158 nebulae in the northern sky of the declination of -33 °. In the vast majority of cases it is extremely difficult to show those dark nebulae. One of the leading Polish amateur astrophotographers, Przemysław Ząbczyk, is often confronted with such challenges, and this time he beautifully showed VdB 14 and VdB 15 nebulae in the constellation Camelopardalis. Optic: FSQ 106 f3.6; camera:ST8300, mount: NEQ6, Baader Planetarium filters.

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