15th of December 2018 - Wizard - author Bogdan Jarzyna

In recent times, humanity has increasingly noticed the negative impact of its various activities on our planet. Fortunately, we notes, though not to much we are doing to limit the damage. One of the effects of human activity is the light pollution of our sky. Although dark sky parks are created, it does not change too much. And yet excessive lighting has a proven negative impact not only on people but also on the earth's fauna and flora. For astrophotography in Poland, increasing light pollution means escaping into the last dark regions of Bieszczady and Masurian Lakes or dealing with astrophotography of nebulae in narrow bands. Look at the NGC7380 Wizard Nebula photo captured by the "wizard" of the narrowband astrophotography Bogdan Jarzyna. Such photos can be taken even from the borders of big cities! Optics: TEC140 f / 5.2; camera: QHY695A; mount: Paramount MyT.

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