22nd of April 2017- M 106 Galaxy-author Szymon Gala
22nd of April 2017- M 106 Galaxy-author Szymon Gala

M 106 is a Seyfert spiral galaxy of type 2, in constellation Canes Venatici. Messier 106 is the galaxy brightest of 9 big galaxies associated with her in the group so-called M106 group. It is also a background for discoveries of supernovas - last SN 2014 bc was discovered in May 2014. The galaxy is in the distance of 23 million light years from the Earth. Photo of Szymon Gala is showing structures of the galaxy fantastically. Optics: Orion Optics VX 8, camera: modified Canon 450 D, mount: SkyWatcher NE6.

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