9th of February 2019 - Mercury's transit - author Łukasz Sujka

Photographing Mercury is one of the biggest challenges of amateur astrophotography. The planet is always close to the Sun, which not only reduces visibility but also makes astrophotography an extremely dangerous hobby. A moment of inattention and the lack of appropriate protections may result in irreversible damage to the observer's eyesight. However, there are times when you can do it safely, but still not easy. These are the moments of Mercury's transit on the background of the Sun's shield. And that moment was used on May 9, 2016 by Łukasz Sujka, showing a fantastic photo of Mercury against the background of the Sun. By the way, we can admire the beautiful image of the Sun's shield. Łukasz used the narrowband filter Ha here. Telescope: Refractor TS 102/1100 + etalon with Lunt 50THaPT + ERF 105mm; Detector: Point Gray Chameleon 3; Mount: Celestron CG-5.

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