17th of March 2018 - Telescope - author Piotr Potępa

It might seem to an outside observer that astrophotography is nothing but a technical record of a phenomenon, a planet or a deep sky object with the best possible quality. But this is a very erroneous and superficial assessment. Astrophotography in the field of composition of the frame and the field of view to the object is governed by similar laws as classical photography. Careful preparation for the photo causes that it has something that causes that we look at it with delight. A great example is Piotr Potępa's astrolandscape, which has been a recognized artist in the field of astrophotography for years. Let's look at the last work showing the 90-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at the Center of Astronomy UMK in Piwnice nearby Toruń. The right choice of exposure parameters and the frame causes that we are happy to absorb what the author wanted to show us. Camera: Nikon D750; Optics: Zenitar 16 / 2.8.f / 4; ISO 3200. More Piotr's works at www.nightscapes.pl

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The content consists of the works made in Poland area only, in Polish weather conditions and under local sky. It presents deep sky objects, our solar system bodies and its phenomena as well as atmospheric phenomena.

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