20th of October 2018 - Soul Nebula - author Łukasz Szczepański

The emission nebula The Soul IC 1848 is the hydrogen region in the arm of Perseus of the Milky Way, in the constellation Cassiopeia. Together with the neighboring nebula, the Th Heart IC 1805 they are the favorite destination of astrophotographers in early autumn. Using the technique of narrowband astrophotography (in this case, using Ha filter), one can show its fascinating structure, ionized with energy coming from the open star cluster with the same designation. This is exactly the case with Łukasz Szczepański's picture, where the HaLRGB presentation technique and perfect image processing allow us to look at the beautiful structures of the dust and gas inside the nebula.Optics: TS APO 115f7 f / 6.95; QHY9 camera; mount: NEQ6 belt mod.

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